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In an effort to make our UFO site the LARGEST UFO SIGHTING SITE ON THE INTERNET we now accept submissions of GENUINE UFO stories from our viewers. Please include a detailed paragraph of your UFO encounter. Please be honest and be as
descriptive as possible. You know the truth about ufo's so why not share your experience with others.

All new UFO stories submitted will be put at the top of the page. We only accept ufo stories that are in English.
Please use capitals and punctuation in your sighting. If you don't use capitals such as (I) and in other places throughout your story, we probably won't add it to our site.

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Please provide the following contact information:

First Name

Please provide the day, month and year of when you sighted the UFO.
If you can only remember the month, or year, that is fine, include what you can.
Write it as: 12 September, 2006 -Day, Month, and year


Please write a descriptive paragraph of your UFO sighting. Please include as many details as you can.
The longer the paragraph the better. If you just enter 1 or 2 sentences we will not add your sighting.
Please don't include website links or email addresses in the paragraph, and please use capitals and proper punctuation.

Check back to www.unidentified-flying-objects.com   later to see if
your sighting has been successfully added.

If you have taken a picture of the UFO or any other UFO please send it to us by email at sales@gr1innovations.com, we will put it on our site for our viewers.

Please note that your information will not be sold or given to any other party.

If you have taken a picture of the UFO please send it to us by email at sales@gr1innovations.com

As soon as we have reviewed your sighting we will add it on the top of the UFO sighting page.  Usually it takes 2 to 3 days before your story
will be added to our site, sometimes faster.

If you need anything else you can contact us at sales@gr1innovations.com

Thank you for submitting your sighting. We value all input from our website viewers.